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From Destruction to Construction: A Negotiator’s Vision for Sustainable Development and Stability in Crimea

The Status Quo: A Zero-Sum Game The current geopolitical climate surrounding Crimea is entrenched in a zero-sum mentality, where one party’s gain is inevitably perceived as another’s loss. This antagonistic approach has perpetuated conflict, sustaining a relentless cycle of sanctions, military expenditures and territorial disputes. These actions have exacerbated tensions, leaving no room for meaningful […]

About Conflict and Bargaining Styles: Insights from the Works of Thomas Kilmann and Richard Shell

Negotiation strategies are far from a “one-size-fits-all” solution; instead, they are profoundly shaped by our unique personalities and the array of experiences we accumulate over our lifetimes. Gaining an understanding of popular models of conflict and bargaining styles, such as those put forth by Thomas-Kilmann and G. Richard Shell, can greatly enhance our ability to […]

Conflict Resolution: What is it and How Does It Work?

Conflict resolution is the process —either formal or informal— used by two or more parties to achieve a peaceful, stable and perceived fair solution to a dispute. This process is crucial in navigating the numerous cognitive and emotional pitfalls that can deepen conflicts, many of which we might not even consciously recognize. Self-Serving Fairness Interpretations: […]

Negotiation & The Second Law of Thermodynamics: A Fresh Perspective

Have you ever thought about how the Second Law of Thermodynamics applies to our negotiations as well? I recently came across a fascinating blog article by German psychologist Roland Kopp-Wichmann, titled “Man, Woman, Relationships – and the Second Law of Thermodynamics”. The article uses this law – the principle that everything tends to get worse […]

The Objective Value of the 4 Subjective Values

In negotiations, the concept of value often takes center stage. Traditionally, this value is viewed in objective terms – the tangible benefits and outcomes that one or both parties gain from the negotiation. However, a deeper dive into the art of negotiation reveals a more nuanced perspective, one that recognizes the importance of subjective values. […]