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About us

Welcome to Impact Negotiation, where we strive to make a difference by providing tailored negotiation services for high net worth individuals and fostering positive change through our voluntary payment-based support for impact investors.

For selected high net worth individuals, our ZOPA Facilitation expertise spans private key areas and cater to a variety of needs, including personal negotiation coaching and consultation services.

We love to negotiate for you with the tools and strategies needed to navigate complex negotiations, empowering you to make more informed decisions and align your investments, purchases and personal needs with your key values.

As part of our commitment to social impact, we offer voluntary paymentbased support for impact investors, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity. We help impact investors to optimize their negotiation needs, outcomes and maximize their positive contributions to society.

Our distinct approach combines in-depth industry knowledge with cuttingedge, AI assisted negotiation techniques, enabling us to tailor solutions that meet your unique requirements. At Impact Negotiation, we negotiate your needs effectively, leverage opportunities and drive a meaningful impact paving the way for a smarter, more equitable and sustainable tomorrow.

The goal of impact investing is to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Our service offers voluntary negotiation aid to impact investors, fostering green tech growth. Available to select clients, this initiative enhances your overall reputation, contributing to environmental and social causes.

Our engagement with sustainable projects deepens understanding of challenges and opportunities, refining strategies for the green sector. We interact on your behalf with Regional Governments, the European Commission and NGOs. Further differentiating our offerings make use of our Pre-Negotiation Advisory, Strategy Development and Deal Structuring. Strategy Refinement and Post-Negotiation Support is available on request.

How we operate for you

Our negotiation process involves careful preparation, clear communication of interest and positions,
utmost creative problem-solving, value creation and strategic agreement formulation,
ensuring every step is tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Get in Touch by Email or Phone

Contact us anytime via secure email or phone, and our friendly team will be ready to assist you with your needs.

Free Personal Consultation

Benefit from a complimentary personal Skype consultation where we’ll discuss your negotiation challenges and goals in detail.

Starting Your Case

Once we understand your needs, we’ll begin formulating a customized strategy to help you achieve optimal negotiation outcomes.

Impact Investor Services

At Impact Negotiation, we provide voluntary payment-based comprehensive negotiation support tailored to the unique needs of selected, international impact investors and in Europe region. Our expertise spans across various critical areas, including deal structuring, where we assist in negotiating the terms and structure of your investments for optimal impact and returns.

Our support extends to the due diligence process, ensuring you have the right information, timelines, and scope for informed decision-making. We are adept at facilitating negotiation of partnership agreements, aligning interests between you and diverse partners such as nonprofits, governments, and other organizations.

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in impact investing. Therefore, we offer negotiation support for impact measurement and reporting agreements, ensuring clarity and consensus on impact metrics.

In the event of disputes, our conflict resolution support enables you to effectively navigate and resolve issues, preserving relationships and ensuring ongoing impact. Our expertise also covers investor syndicates, assisting you in aligning interests and strategies when co-investing with other impact investors.

Lastly, we understand the significance of a well-planned exit strategy. We provide negotiation support to ensure your exit secures the sustainability of the investee’s social impact. With Impact Negotiation, you’re equipped to make the most of every negotiation in your impact investment journey. We voluntary support engagements in renewable energy, clean technology, healthcare, financial inclusion, sustainable agriculture and social enterprises.

Creating Common Ground: ZOPA Facilitation Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals

The Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA) can be comprehended as a theoretical area that encapsulates the minimum a seller is ready to accept and the maximum a buyer is prepared to offer. Any figure that falls within this range should ideally be agreeable to both parties. ZOPA is often conceptualized as an intersection of progressively enhancing value for the seller and burgeoning benefits for the buyer. This perspective empowers us to identify, highlight and amend agreements that so far don’t optimize mutual gains, ensuring a beneficial exchange for all participants.

Our expertise lies in the facilitation of the ZOPA, where we provide a facilitation letter with bespoke guidance for chosen clients engaged in complex transactions. Our approach seeks to unearth a consensus in situations bearing high stakes. Our proficient negotiator carry out an intricate scrutiny of positions, distill latent underlying interests, and probe into prospective trade-offs, all with the intent of discovering the much sought-after ZOPA: The convergence point of mutual approvals.

In essence, our role in ZOPA facilitation, crucial in high-risk negotiations, acts as a beacon, guiding parties through standstills, avoiding deadlocks and aiding them in forging agreements that maximize joint benefit. Our aim is to divert the narrative from a zero-sum game to scenarios of increased and shared mutual values, ensuring each transaction is a stride towards a considerably more rewarding, trustful, respectful fine tuned solution for all parties involved.

The value of our service:

  • Expert guidance

    Provides professional advice, aiding complex negotiation navigation.

  • Time-saving

    Reduces deadlock duration, expediting the process.

  • Risk mitigation

    Identifies acceptable outcomes, preventing negotiation failures, securing beneficial agreements.

  • Relationship enhancement

    Improves negotiation climate, fostering trust, collaboration, preserving long-term relationships.

  • Value creation

    Uncovers joint value creation opportunities, leading to satisfactory outcomes.

Pre-Negotiation Advisory, Strategy Development, Refinement and PostNegotiation Support are available for:

High – End Real Estate

Our expert negotiation services cater to luxury residential and commercial properties, ensuring optimal outcomes for buyers, sellers, and investors in this niche market. We understand the distinct financial and lifestyle aspects inherent to high – end real estate deals. A key feature of our service is pre paring comprehensive facilitation letters for real estate agents, providing them with strategic advice and guidance that can help steer negotiations towards a successful and mutually beneficial conclusion. This tailored support enhances their negotiation capabilities, ensuring every party’s needs are met in the transaction.


Our seasoned negotiators excel in facilitating transactions involving private jets and helicopters. We understand the complexities of the aviation market, helping clients navigate through intricate deals involving aircraft purchases, sales, leasing, and expert reports for used aircraft.

Rare Earth Metals & Minerals, O&G trades

We provide specialized negotiation services fort ransactions in the mining and oil & gas industries.Our expertise spans commodities trading, acquisition of mining rights, joint ventures, and trade agreements, ensuring favorable terms and minimized risks for our clients.

Yacht Sales/Rentals

We offer negotiation services in the luxury yacht market, ensuring high-stakes deals run smoothly for buyers, sellers, and charter clients. Our comprehensive approach takes into account the unique intricacies of yacht transactions. A notable aspect of our service includes preparing detailed facilitation letters for yacht brokers and agents. These letters provide strategic advice and direction that help navigate complex negotiations, leading to successful transactions that align with the interests of all parties involved. Our support bolsters their negotiation capabilities and contributes to the overall success of the deal.

Luxury Automotive Sales

Our negotiation services in the luxury automotive sector are designed to secure optimal deals for clients, be they individual buyers, sellers, or dealer ships. We navigate the complexities of this high-value market to achieve successful transactions. A significant part of our service includes preparing tailored facilitation letters for car dealers. These letters provide strategic guidance to help manage intricate negotiations, leading to successful transactions that meet the needs of all parties. This support enhances their negotiation skills, contributing to the overall efficiency of the deal.

Sports & Entertainment contracts

We negotiate contracts within the sports and entertainment industry for athletes, performers, and executives. Understanding the unique dynamics of this industry, we strive to protect our clients’ interests while maximizing their professional and financial opportunities. A crucial part of our service involves providing comprehensive facilitation letters for sports managers. These letters offer strategic direction to aid in complex but cooperative structured negotiations, helping secure successful agreements that satisfy all parties involved. This assistance fortifies their negotiation capabilities, promoting the overall success of the contract negotiation process.

Large Infrastructure Projects

We provide negotiation services for large-scale infrastructure projects, handling contracts, financing, and partnerships. We navigate the complexities of these multi-party, high-stakes projects, focusing on achieving favorable terms and ensuring project success for our clients.

Art Market

We provide specialized negotiation services for the vibrant and complex art market, bridging the gap between artists, galleries, and end buyers. Understanding the nuances and subtleties of this unique industry, we aim to secure optimal outcomes for all parties. A key aspect of our service is preparing detailed facilitation letters for galleries.These letters offer strategic advice and insights to help navigate the intricate negotiation process, leading to successful transactions that align with the interests and aspirations of artists and buyers alike. This support enhances the gallery’s negotiation capabilities and contributes to the overall success of the art transaction.

Certificated Services

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