1: The Principle of Multisensory Engagement in Impact Negotiation

Today, we dive into the world of negotiation, not just through words, but with an emphasis on full sensory engagement. The concept of ‘Impact Negotiation’ we’re exploring today is grounded in the work of Dani Beaulieu and her impact techniques for psychotherapy. The principle we’re focusing on is the ‘Multisensory Experience’.

Imagine this: our understanding and learning are not confined to the realm of the audible. Indeed, the prevalent method in negotiation relies heavily on the auditory sense, but what if we were to consider that a person could learn most effectively when all senses are engaged?

Consider a scenario where a misunderstanding arises between you and your negotiation counterpart. They perceive your message differently from your intended communication. Such discrepancies often lead to communication roadblocks, subsequently impacting the relationship you share with your conversation partner. This can lead to a sense of frustration and demotivation, making the entire negotiation process feel arduous.

To circumnavigate these communication hurdles, we propose a shift in perspective. Rather than relying solely on the auditory sense, why not tap into the visual one? Research suggests that approximately 60% of all information is received through the visual sense, making it a potent tool in our communication arsenal.

Thus, the essence of ‘Impact Negotiation’ isn’t about asking, “How can I articulate my point to my client?” but rather, “How can I demonstrate my point to my client or elucidate it in a different way?”

By incorporating a multisensory approach, we’re not only making our message clearer, but we’re also enriching the negotiation experience. This method leverages the fundamental principles of human psychology, acknowledging the diverse ways in which we perceive and process information.

Stay cutious as we delve deeper into the principles of ‘Impact Negotiation’ in our upcoming blog posts. Our exploration will involve the blending of negotiation tactics with psychological insights, resulting in an innovative and effective approach to achieving successful negotiation outcomes.

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